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Zwick Calibration Laboratory

  • Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of calibration. The Zwick Calibration Laboratory has been DAkkS (German Calibration Service) accredited since 1994.
  • Zwick has calibration laboratories around the world accredited by UKAS, COFRAC and A2LA.
  • The DKD Calibration certificates we issue are proof of measurement traceability to national and international standards as required by the ISO 9000 family of standards and by EN ISO ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Our DAkkS calibration certificate for your testing machine enables you to satisfy the particular requirements of ISO/TS 16949 for the automotive industry and the medical and pharmacetical industries Qualification DQ/IQ/OQ

Accredited measurands:

  • force: calibration of force measurement system in the tensile direction from 0.02 N to 3,000 kN and in the compression direction from 0.02 N to 5,000 kN
  • length: calibration of change of length measurement device in tensile and/or compression direction from 0 – 1,500 mm
  • hardness: direct calibration of hardness testing machines plus indirect calibration using hardness reference blocks
  • mechanical work: direct calibration of pendulum impact testers from 0.2 to 750 joules plus indirect calibration using reference test pieces.

Additional measurands:

  • dynamic force: calibration of the dynamic force on Vibrophores
  • torque: calibration of torque from 2 Nm to 2,000 Nm
  • angle: calibration of the rotary encoder from 0° to 360° on torsion testing machines
  • alignment check: alignment check to ASTM E 1012 for materials testing machines with an applied specimen
  • melt mass flow rate MFR / melt volume flow rate MVR: calibration of extrusion plastometers for melt mass flow rate MFR and melt volume flow rate MVR
  • Vicat/HDT: calibration of Vicat/HDT heat deflection test instruments with oil-bath or direct contact heating
  • temperature-conditioning device: calibration of temperature up to 350°C in the center of temperature-chamber test-chamber
  • high temperature: calibration of high-temperature furnace thermo-elements up to 1200°C


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