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(053) 25 kN Materials Testing Machine (servo-hydraulic)


  • fracture mechanics investigations on CT specimens for determination of critical stress intensity factor K1C in accordance with ASTM E399
  • fracture mechanics investigations on CT specimens for determination of fracture toughness according ASTM E 1820

Key features:

  • HC25 Compact servo-hydraulic testing machine
  • nominal dynamic force Fnom ±25 kN, stroke 100 mm
  • integrated low-noise hydraulic power-pack
  • hard-chromed T-slotted table
  • testControl II digital measurement and control electronics
  • testXpert Research testing software

Advantages and benefits:

  • flexible arrangement of test assembly enables wide range of application options
  • sealless actuator with hydrostatic bearings for virtually frictionless, maintenance-free operation
  • hard-chromed T-slotted platform and columns for tests in corrosive media
  • maximum measuring accuracy and synchronous high-speed data acquisition deliver outstanding data quality over an extended measurement range (e.g. 24-bit resolution, 10 kHz control
  • frequency)
  • • testXpert Research provides integrated software for the entire test sequence, guiding the operator
  • step by step through controller parameterization, the test sequence and result evaluation




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