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(058) 100 kN Materials Testing Machine (servo-hydraulic)

fatigue tests on components or standard specimens

Key features:

  • HB 100 4-column servo-hydraulic testing machine with integrated 1500 x 1500mm T-slotted platform
  • combined testing actuator: ±100 kN / 150 mm, +/- 1000 Nm / +/- 50°
  • combined axial and torque transducer: +/- 100kN / +/- 1000Nm
  • additional 10 kN testing actuator with angle plate as transverse axis
  • 100 kN hydraulic wedge grips
  • 100 kN mechanical T fatigue grips
  • Control Cube digital measurement and control electronics

Advantages and benefits:

  • optimum access to test area from all 4 sides; especially suitable for testing large components
  • extremely flexible system; design allows a wide range of test configurations
  • testing system (including safety enclosure) can be ideally adapted to accommodate on-site space constraints


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Tel.  +386 1 43 64 821


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