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(081) AllroundLine 250 kN Materials Testing Machine


  • upper test area: tensile test on metals
  • lower test area: component testing

Key features:

  • Z250 SW materials testing machine, Fmax. 250 kN
  • test speed: 0.00005 to 600 mm/min
  • positioning speed 1000 mm/min
  • display-equipped remote control
  • second test area
  • 3-point flexure test kit
  • wedge grips, Fmax. 100 kN
  • grips for threaded-end specimens
  • Makro extensometer
  • safety device

Advantages and benefits:

  • backlash-free guide and ball screw ensure low-wear operation and problem-free tension and compression operation
  • standard extensometer in the metal, plastics and automotive industry, with an installed base of over 2,500 systems
  • makroXtens can be used up to specimen break, even at high forces and with brittle specimen materials
  • optimum system protection provided by integrated safety mechanism and tilting knife-edges


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