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More Information
  • Clip-on extensometer with optional weight relieving
  • Clip-on extensometer in combination with transverse strain extensometer

Inductive clip-on extensometers

These extensometers are attached directly to specimens and are designed for extension measurement on metals and plastics. They can be used for the whole range of elastic strain and offset yield measurement, as well as for determining Young's modulus, and are available with manual or automatic attachment.

Advantages of Zwick clip-on extensometers

  • As the measuring system is located very close to the specimen, the measuring levers involved are very small, giving increased accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Very high resolution over the entire measurement range.
  • Fitted with two measuring systems for dual averaging measurement of outer fiber strain. Version available allowing signals from the two measuring systems to be imported separately.
  • Suitable for tensile, compression and cyclic load testing

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