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videoXtens® Array extensometer

videoXtens Array – the multi-camera extensometer

The videoXtens extensometer provides non-contact, high-resolution measurement of tensile and compressive deformations of all types of plastics, metals, rubber, composites and films/foils and is used for optical extension measurement on contact-sensitive and highly elastic materials.

The resolution of a video extensometer depends on the field of view of the camera. A smaller image means better resolution – but also a smaller measurement range. Available as standard resolution is a measurement head consisting of three cameras in an enlarged videoXtens housing. This is particularly suitable for tests on heavy plate, construction steels, wire and many plastics.

Flexible extension measurement solution

  • If an application requires large measurement travel combined with very high resolution, the overlapping fields of view of two or more cameras are combined to form one large field of view. Markings leaving the field of view of one camera are automatically transferred to that of the next camera.
  • This multi-camera system allows various combinations; for example, two cameras in a videoXtens standard housing, with a field of view ideal for most extension measurements in metal tensile tests with an initial gage-length of up to 100mm
  • An array with a very large overall field of view can be created by combining cameras, each of which is mounted in a videoXtens standard housing.

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