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  • Interior view of videoXtens extensometer with 2 cameras
  • videoXtens - non-contact extension measurement

videoXtens extensometer

The videoXtens extensometer provides non-contact, high-resolution measurement of tensile and compressive deformations of all types of plastics, metals, rubber, composites and films/foils and is used for optical measurement of contact-sensitive and highly elastic materials. It is also suitable for determining change in width, r-values as per ISO 10113 and ISO 10275 and offset yields in tensile tests to ISO 6892-1.

A digitalized image of the specimen from a full-frame camera is processed in real time. The gage marks are automatically recognized and the displacement of the marks from image to image is converted to extension and transmitted to the measurement and control electronics.

Advantages of videoXtens

  • Flexible illumination system (incident light / backlight) can be ideally adjusted to suit the testing situation.
  • Simultaneous extension measurement plus optional change-in-width measurement are possible. No separate markings are required to measure change in width. The width can be determined at one or more locations. This allows measurement of offset yields in tensile tests to ISO 6892-1, together with r-values to ISO 10113 and ISO 10275
  • videoXtens can be used for compression tests and flexure tests.
  • Measurement range can be varied and, depending on the image size or lens selected, is very large.
  • Automatic gage mark recognition and recording of initial gage length Le.
  • Pattern recognition enables preparation-free testing of specimens with structured surfaces. Alternative preparation of specimens with homogeneous, non-structured surfaces using pattern spray.
  • Connection to testXpert II enables use of the Video Capturing Plus function of the videoXtens extensometer with no need for additional hardware. Associated with this is integration of the image sequence in testXpert II and synchronization of the test data.
  • Ready for use with non-Zwick systems that accept a 0...10V analogue input.

videoXtens ProLine is suitable for ProLine and zwickiLine testing machines.



Extensometer videoXtens - Tensile tests on construction steel

Extensometer videoXtens - Construction steel / Rebar test
Video 00:07:43
147_Video_Extensometer__Tensile_test_on_rebar_steel_english.wmv (37 M)

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