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Pneumatic Control Unit

Two versions of the pneumatic control unit are available from the Zwick/Roell Group, with connection to the specimen grips and the safety circuit of the testControl / testControl II control electronics. This pneumatic control unit can be used in conjunction with all pneumatic grips from the Zwick range. Zwick control units comply fully with the requirements regarding safe operation as contained in the relevant standards.

Pneumatic control unit operated via foot switch

Pneumatic control unit operated via foot switch

  • Inching mode function and low actuation pressure provide optimum pinch protection. The jaws open immediately the pedal is released.
  • If the Emergency STOP switch is operated, the Emergency STOP chain brings the jaws to a halt immediately or returns them to the safe starting position in inching mode
  • In the event of pressure fluctuations or mains supply failures the pressure in the grips remains constant. Test results are not affected
  • Inching mode function enables correction of specimen alignment during the clamping procedure.
  • The ergonomic design of the rocker pedals ensures a high level of operator convenience.
  • The closing pressure is indicated via a manometer, with stepless adjustment from 3 bar to 8 bar.
PC-controlled Pneumatic Control Unit

PC-controlled Pneumatic Control Unit

  • Inching mode function via machine remote control (1 bar to 10 bar)
  • Pressure setting for grips via testXpert II
  • Continuous gripping and proportional gripping operating modes available

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