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  • Type 8033 screw grips, Fmax 200N                                                                                     Z2.5 zwicki-Line with Type 8253 screw grips , Fmax 2.5kN

Screw grip features

In screw grips the gripping force is applied manually or via an electric motor. These grips are used mostly for smaller test loads (from 20 N to max.50 kN) and thinner specimens – fine wires, fibers, films.

  • Gripping force depends on the screw torque and grip compliance.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Large opening widths for flexibility in use.
  • Most commonly used screw grips are U-shaped for good accessibility.
  • Simple design principle enables standard version to be resistant to high temperatures.
  • Depending on type these grips have an axial bearing in the gripping unit for increased gripping forces.
  • Many screw grips feature free adjustment of both jaws, allowing asymmetrical specimens to be tested.

Spring-loaded grips Type 8135, Fmax 20N

Spring-loaded grips

These grips are particularly suitable for tests involving very low forces. Their weight is sufficiently low in relation to the nominal force of the attached load cell as to impose no restrictions on the force measurement range of the load cell. The gripping force is generated by a spring. The spring force can be pre-set, allowing clamping-sensitive materials always to be tested using the same gripping force.

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