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PrecisionLine testing machines

The PrecisionLine range is ideal wherever high-accuracy force and travel measurement plus excellent test result reproducibility are required, for example testing small compression springs for electromechanical components or functional units.

PrecisionLine testing machines

Advantages of PrecisionLine testing machines

  • Mechanical compensation for load-cell deformation plus special flexure-resistant design provide outstanding measurement accuracy, with load application and travel measurement aligned with the test axis.
  • The manually operated PrecisionLine Manual allows the entire spring characteristic to be recorded without stopping at measuring points (dynamic spring characteristic measurement) up to a maximum load of 500 N.
  • The PrecisionLine Automatic precision spring-testing machine with testControl digital measurement and control electronics delivers excellent test-result reproducibility.
  • The PrecisionLine Vario’s modular test frame construction, interchangeable mounting plates, good accessibility and flexible operating position make it ideally suited for use in the fields of medical technology, mechatronics, function and component testing, joining and assembly technology and in many other areas
  • PrecisionLine can be operated with standard commercial PCs or laptops and requires no special expansion cards.
  • PrecisionLine is available for test loads up to 2500 N.



Zugversuch an einer Micro Probe - Tensile test on micro specimen

Zugversuch mit laserXtens an einer Kleinstprobe bzw. Mikroprobe - Tensile test with laserXtens on ...
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89_PrecisionLine_Bosch.wmv (9.2 M)

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